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A vacation full of unexpected adventure… and who better than three sexy, capable ex-soldiers to keep me company?

What would you do with your first taste of freedom?

I’d struggled for years and years to achieve my goal of becoming a surgeon. Practically shackled myself to it. But now? Now, I was free. After over a decade of school and education, of driving myself to be the best i could be, I had my freedom again.
And what says freedom more than a trip to Cancun with your three best friends from college? Sand, beaches, sun, drinks, handsome and sexy men?
Yes. Please.

My second day in Cancun, I meet the mysterious Caden Walker. He says he’s an investment banker, but something about him seems off. Then, after scaring off a gang of real bastards, he shows me over the course of one night how wonderfully hot, sexy, and exciting freedom can really be.
Too bad he disappears the next morning.
That’s fine, though, because now that my hair’s down I have no problem meeting Vincent Lee, another handsome stranger who also seems to be far more than he claims. But, before i know it, I’m wrapped up in a Mexican cartel kidnapping ring, with only Vincent standing between me and abduction.

This sexy, handsome man can’t help but accept my gratitude for saving my life!
The next morning, I quickly discover that he and my previous lover are connected, and they’re down here for deadly business they certainly haven’t disclosed to me. Next thing i know, I’m volunteering to help them rescue the missing third to their ex-military, private security group.
And when i meet their comrade Thomas Harper, all bets are off. Handsome, driven, passionate, and nearly as skilled as me with a scalpel?
I can barely hold back. What have these men done to me? Who have they turned me into?

Because there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that these three hunks will be more than capable of showing me just how hot Cancun can really get.

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