Can I Trust You? by Romeo Alexander (ePUB)

can i trust you, romeo alexander

Can I Trust You? by Romeo Alexander – Free eBooks Download


Trust takes years to build but seconds to shatter.

I haven’t seen Leon since we aged out of the system and lost touch, but all my old feelings come rushing back. He’s the ghost of my past, the crush I buried deep because he was straight—or so I thought.
Why am I entertaining thoughts of my hot ex-best friend at our foster Mom’s funeral? Jeez, we just have to get through today and go our separate ways – again. I can do that.
Then, lightning strikes…Leon is NOT straight! What?
Lightning never strikes twice, right? Wrong! Strike two is a real passion killer…literally.
Desire turns dangerous when I discover Leon’s new role—a mercenary for The Company, and I’m his next target. I’m just a computer nerd caught in the crosshairs, but I have dangerous secrets of my own.
When a twist of fate turns the hunter into my protector, trust becomes a weapon and a lifeline. Can I trust the man who’s supposed to be my enemy?
Trust? A casualty of our twisted reality because now, we’re on the run. I can’t see how both of us can survive, but…I have a plan.
I’ll put my trust in Leon, but if he fails me…I’m dead.

Trust becomes a dangerous game, hearts are on the line, and survival is anything but certain. Can the bond we forged years ago survive the secrets now tearing us apart?

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