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Cameron (Wild Men #7) by Melissa Belle – Free eBooks Download


He’s our star player, and I’m technically his boss … An off-limits sports romance and Book 6 in the Wild Men series.


Every day is the same. I go to the Climax Coffee Shop, and then to the ice hockey rink, where I’ve worked since I was a kid.
But today, a cocky guy cuts me in line. A dark-haired, sexy guy with laser eyes and a perfect body.

I can’t ignore how hot he is, and I especially can’t ignore how he’s the only man to ever make me want. Like really want.
By the time I walk into my office, I’m completely thrown off by the Hot Stranger.
Then my boss tells me a new player is joining our ice hockey team and it’s my job to do whatever it takes to make him comfortable.
Only one problem: the new hot shot is the Hot Stranger, and the rulebook says I’m forbidden to score with the players.
My boring life just got a lot more interesting.


Savannah McMann has fierce green eyes and a temper to match.

But she’s shy and skittish whenever I put my eyes on her. I can see she’s wounded but I can’t tell what kind of jerk hurt her.
And why do I care anyway? I’m on this team to get my stats up, not to score with the coach’s assistant.
But my head keeps finding reasons to end up in her office, while another part of me dreams of being in her pants.
She’s got a strong defense, so I’ve got to play it slow or I’ll end up flat on the ice with my stick in my hands.
One thing’s for sure: I want her. I like her. And I’m ready to take a few body checks to show her I’m the real deal.

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