Call of the Vampire Twins by B.A. Stretke (ePUB)

call vampire twins, ba stretke

Call of the Vampire Twins (Vampires of Charlotte #2) by B.A. Stretke – Free eBooks Download


Not everything in Charlotte is as it seems…

Dorian Haskel is worried about his friend Paul Masters. He seems taken in by this mysterious businessman from Agincourt Bank, Sloan Dobre. Considering when Dorian left for his business trip Paul was in a completely different relationship, Dorian thinks some alarm bells are warranted. As he sees how Paul has changed and how they interact, he becomes more and more convinced that something wrong, something evil may be happening. Dorian has seen a thing or two in his life. What he can’t make sense of are Sloan’s guards, the twins Rex and Colby St. John. Sure, they’re devastatingly handsome and make Dorian want to throw away every single one of his reservations but, he has to stay focused. He can’t fall under this spell the way Paul did. He has to find the truth.

Rex and Colby have their work cut out for them winning over their suspicious and superstitious adored. Can they win his heart and convince him that his home is in their arms? Can they keep him safe from the darkness quickly closing in?
Fate loves to play a game…

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