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Cael (Were Zoo #11) by R. E. Butler – Free eBooks Download


November Jones is the product of a one-night stand. She didn’t know her father except to curse his name and the weird genetics he left her with. She wouldn’t give him a single thought if it weren’t for the fact that he tried to kill her several times and she and her mother have been on the run since she was a toddler. When an invitation for a safari tour shows up in the mail addressed to the previous occupant, Novi feels compelled to go.

Elephant shifter Cael spends his days as the in-house veterinarian at the Amazing Adventures Safari Park taking care of the normal animals and his nights underground with the other shifters, staying hidden from humans. It’s a day like any other when he’s in his shift in the paddock while the safari tour vehicles drive by…until he smells something amazing and knows the beautiful brunette VIP is his soulmate.

The problem? Novi is no ordinary human. Can Cael and the shifters in the park keep Novi and her mom safe in the park or will Novi’s father finally catch up to them?

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