Burning for the Billionaire #5 by Hope Paris (ePUB)

burning billionaire 5, hope paris

Burning for the Billionaire #5 by Hope Paris – Free eBooks Download


She’s falling for him hard… but move too fast and he’ll slip out of her reach.

Just when it seems like I’m finally rebuilding my life, Rowan keeps swooping in to give me handouts. I‘m falling hard and fast for the sexy billionaire, but I need to stand on my own two feet… and I worry that our differences will drive us apart.

Ever since I decided to take the plunge and accept Grace as mine, things have been going great. I love her youthful energy, her smiles, her warmth. I even find myself coming out of my shell. Then my past shows up and it all comes to a screeching halt.
A nasty surprise is in store for Grace and Rowan – and it will push their delicate relationship to the brink. Rowan struggles to avoid slipping back into the aloof and avoidant shell that Grace worked so hard to coax him out of, and she’s faced with the difficult task of claiming her independence and figuring out a place for herself when Rowan is determined to take care of her every need.

As Grace draws closer to the elusive billionaire, she finally gets a chance to glimpse the man behind the mystery. But if she moves too fast, she could spook him back into his non-committal ways… and it might be the last straw before their relationship goes up in flames. Can they find a way forward when a single wrong step could leave them falling out of love?

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