Burn Me Slow by Chelsea Maria (ePUB)

burn me slow, chelsea maria

Burn Me Slow (In Secrets We Trust #1) by Chelsea Maria – Free eBooks Download


When we burned, we burned.
When we scorched, we scorched.

In my lifetime I’ve met an array of men. Men from all walks of life. Some gave me the best pleasure, some gave my heart the best love kisses, and some left me more destructive. But Dre…All I cared about is trying to relearn how to breathe again. He snatched my ability to do it on my own the first time he kissed me and left me breathless. ~ Courtney “Coco” Knight

Coco and I were a dark moment fairytale. That once-in-a-lifetime type of love that would change us for the better before it ruined us for the bad. Parallel souls that built a foundation on the commonalities of our past. Looking through her eyes I saw our future. A future where love and happiness doesn’t coexist with pain. ~ Andre “Dre” Joseph

Landon loved me more than I loved him. Never had I ever questioned his devotion to me, and I knew I never would because I knew his heart. The way Landon made me feel felt like a chapter out of my favorite romance novel. His chase, his ambition, his whole persona made those desires a reality. Yet, here we were divided and entangled in marriage woes that knew no boundaries. ~ Andrea “Drea” Carter

Noelani and I were stuck in this game of love vs. manipulation. We built the sandcastles. We left the footprints of chaos. Our lust turned into greed. Greed turned into betrayal. No longer two weary souls but one infatuated with turning our love into cruel punishments of death. ~ Cassian Kalmin

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