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bumps in road, kat paige

Bumps in the Road by Kat Paige – Free eBooks Download


Piper Greenway’s best friend Rachel is moving to Edinburgh, Scotland and Piper is going with her…for the week. Piper has mapped out every detail for the two of them, including lodging, meals, touristy escapades, and apartment shopping. But then Rachel’s brother surprises them on the plane and ruins everything. Piper has known both the Moreau siblings since they were children. They were all friends until high school, when Piper overheard Nick say something truly unforgivable about her. She’s hated him ever since.
Nick Moreau almost doesn’t go to Scotland on account of Piper being there. However, he is determined to be a good brother and help Rachel with her move. What he hasn’t told anyone, though, is that he too is looking to move to the U.K. and has a plan to make this dream a reality. His plan is postponed when Rachel gets called away to a last-minute mandatory school orientation, so he and Piper are now stuck alone in a car, driving through the Scottish Highlands.
A day of bad luck forces Nick and Piper to get to know each other again through deep conversations, a clearing up of the past, and an intense connection that they need to work through before the week is up.

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