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Bully in My Bed by Rue Whitney – Free eBooks Download


What are you supposed to say when the guy who shattered your world asks to pick up the pieces and gently put it back together?
It’s a tale as old as time: Closeted bully picks on openly gay kid. Then the bully grows up to be a hot, confident, out-and-proud man while his punching bag grows up to be a hot mess.
I’m Drew, the hot mess, and now my former bully, Beau, is on his knees, begging for me to let him make amends. Most people would be thrilled to get that kind of apology. I just want him to leave me alone so I can pretend high school never happened. But Beau is on a mission to make up for his past and I’m the last box he needs to check off.
I decide one day of debauchery will be a good enough peace offering. But the next morning—and the next week, and the next month—he’s still there. In my life and in my bed.
Is a guilty conscience keeping Beau around, or is there more than one reason I’ve been on this bully’s mind all these years?

This is a standalone MM romance, with a HEA and no cliffhangers. It is loosely connected to the Giving In series.

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