Brutal Bratva Boss by Deva Blake (ePUB)

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Brutal Bratva Boss (Dubrov Bratva #1) by Deva Blake – Free eBooks Download


The brutal king of the Bratva took one look at me…and knocked me up.
For one night, I let a much older stranger make me forget that I’m just a pawn in my life.
For one night, I let go and made me vulnerable for him.
I just didn’t know that he’d knock me up…much less force me to marry him.

Usually I’m a good girl who follows all the rules. He must have liked that.
He makes me change the prison of my life for his own prison.
He makes me see who’s in control in his game of blood and power.
My loss is his gain. My life is his toy.

But somewhere in the hell hole of my life, he made me lose the way.
I’m his prey, caught in his burning sight, telling me I’m his.
I’m his possession, his enemy’s daughter, and I carry his heir.
Will he betray my vulnerability and sacrifice me?

Or will the Bratva daddy claim his little family for real?

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