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brutal boy, selena

Brutal Boy (Willow Heights Prep Academy: The Exile #2) by Selena – Free eBooks Download


My name is Harper Apple, and people say I’m rotten to the core.
I’m not the only one.
The Dolce boys aren’t just dangerous, privileged, rich alphaholes. They’re a gang of three psychopaths backed by a pack of enablers and worshipped by their fangirls.
And I want in.
When I witness their unhinged, shocking violence firsthand, I know I can’t let them continue to ruin lives the way they’ve done for the past few years. I have to stop them. If they’re too powerful to be taken down by the founders of the town, though, how can one girl from the wrong side of the tracks stand a chance?
The answer is easy.
It has to be an inside job.
They’re not about to open their exclusive circle to the likes of me, but if I play my cards just right, I might just get in with the Dolce boys. But what can a girl with nothing to lose offer a boy who has everything?
And when I find out, will I be willing to pay the price of admission?

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