Bruno & Gloria and the Five Golden Rings by Ellie Hall (ePUB)

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Bruno & Gloria and the Five Golden Rings (The Costa Brothers #2) by Ellie Hall – Free eBooks Download


It’s not at all awkward when it turns out that you have to work with your blind date the next day.

Going on a date was a risk I took so I wouldn’t be alone this Christmas. He was handsome, charming, and slightly preoccupied, but in his defense, I had spinach in my teeth. (The artichoke dip appetizer was too good to pass up. We’ll pretend I wasn’t mortified when I discovered it later.)
I watched a movie where the guy fake dated a woman so he didn’t show up at the family holiday gathering single. Seemed like something worth trying. She was pretty and sweet, but slightly distracted. In her defense, she mentioned starting a new job the next day, so she gets a pass on the jitters.

Turns out last night’s date is my new boss. Let’s just say we do not get off on the right foot. Nope, a klutz in high heels, I broke his left little toe. I think. I make an executive decision and switch to my sequined Christmas elf slippers. The accident wasn’t because I swooned when I saw him in that tailored suit. Not this biz babe.
Never mind figuring out a way to force myself to stay in this small town, working together every day is proving impossible. With the Christmas party coming up, how will I manage to balance the books at my family’s pizza shop while keeping my eyes (and hands) off Santa’s top elf? Help! Save me from myself.

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