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broken strings, francesca forbes

Broken Strings by Francesca Forbes – Free eBooks Download


“If she wanted me to chase her, then I would happily do so until she was mine. But she would be lying if she claimed she didn’t feel the tension the way I did. The chemistry between us. It was absolutely fucking addicting.”

Aspen Reddick was willing to do anything to escape her past, leading her right into the arms of budding pop star, Lyle Hawthorne. Eager to leave town, she jumps at the opportunity to join him on his debut music tour after his new album release.
That’s when she catches the eye of her striking new bodyguard sent to protect her amongst Lyle’s rising fame. Dominik Kostas, a hard man with a harder past, immediately clashes with Aspen.
But behind the scenes, sparks fly despite Aspen’s resistance, as she comes to the realization that she is tired of living in the shadows… and that she might feel more for Dominik than she lets on.
It is the catalyst that might tear her world apart and bring the tour to ruin. Aspen feels lost, but deep down knows she needs to make a big decision, consequences be damned.

Will Aspen pursue this new flame, or is she doomed to remain trapped in the shadows with no way out?

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