Broken Promises by by I. A. Dice (ePUB)

broken promises, ia dice

Broken Promises (Broken #2) by by I. A. Dice – Free eBooks Download


North, South… and no Star.
Chicago falls into Dante’s hands.
His six-year dream becomes a reality.
But it means nothing without Layla by his side.
The war has ended… peace failed to follow.

Tormented by recent events, Dante struggles to choose a path. Betrayal cuts deep, no matter the circumstances, hatred keeps his mind busy but it’s no match for the heart. Going up against love is futile.

Stuck in limbo, ruled by fear and memories, Layla hides from the wrath she knows is coming. Regret is the last thing on her mind. If she could, she’d do it all over again. Hope is all she has left. Hope, that Dante will leave her alone… or find it in him to forgive her.

But hope is the mother of all fools.

Ghosts of the past come back to haunt them both. Reality shatters their dreams when a new threat emerges. A race against time, death, and vengeance.
There’s only one rule… there are no rules.

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