Broken Little Dove by Kayla Marie (ePUB)

broken little dove, kayla marie

Broken Little Dove by Kayla Marie – Free eBooks Download


Callum has spent most of his life trying to escape a traumatic past that continues to haunt him. When his brother Cole is finally released from prison, he thinks having him back is the missing piece he needs to fill the void inside him, but Cole’s return brings with it a sinister turn of events that threatens to unravel everything Callum has worked so hard to build. Caught in the middle is Lana, their new captive, who ignites a spark in Callum that he never expected. As the bond between them deepens, a dangerous rift forms between the brothers. Torn between the growing affection for the captive girl and his loyalty to Cole, the bonds of brotherhood and the depths of love are tested.

Will their darkest demons unravel the binds that tie them?
Immerse yourself into the gripping abyss of this dark love story.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a dark love story that contains graphic content that some may find disturbing or triggering. Reader discretion advised.

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