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Nicki Rollins
It started when I was four, and it only progressed from there.
Parents are supposed to be protectors of their children, but mine were my worst nightmare
I have been in therapy for years, and my therapist tells me every time that I am safe
I don’t think she understands what that word means
But today is the day I get my freedom and I get to leave my parents and go to college.
I got a full ride to Silent University which is in a small town on the coast of Oregon called Whispering Trees.
This new place I am hoping will be a new start for me, but when people see me all they see are the scars that cover most of my body.
My entire life I have felt broken and out of place
Until I met them
The Silent Knights.
They are known as the bad boy gang on campus but to me, they are my salvation
When they look at me it is not with disgust but with longing and passion
I shouldn’t want them, but I do
I have after all always wanted what I shouldn’t

What would you be willing to do to put back together your broken pieces?

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