Broken by Her Wolves by Kaylin Peyerk (ePUB)

broken wolves, kaylin peyerk

Broken by Her Wolves (Wolves of Newhaven #2) by Kaylin Peyerk – Free eBooks Download


Newhaven is my new home. . . isn’t it?
While I’ve been in Newhaven for days, I’ve barely seen the outside of my tent. Both my heat and my seemingly never-ending amnesia being to blame. Despite it all, I’ve decided to accept the men around me for what they are, at least in theory. Lucien is my magical bond, and the others are my mates. It’s that simple, right?
Not so much, not when I find that I’m not a guest in Newhaven at all, but a prisoner.
The moment my heat ends I’m ready to explore the pack, but I’m not even allowed ten steps away from my tent. Maverick claims it to be for the safety of his pack members, even for my mate’s own good, and yet it leaves me feeling like a feral animal. Despite my fated mates insisting that it’s only temporary, and to trust them, I can’t bring myself to believe it. All I can think is that I’ve escaped from one trap only to be ensnared in a new one of my own making.
Not only that, but I’m beginning to remember my old life, and what Lucien was to me during those long years as an immortal. Will I be able to get my head straight, accept my fated mates completely, and come to terms with my true destiny or will I crumble under the pressure?

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