Broken Bride by Loki Renard (ePUB)

broken bride, loki renard

Broken Bride by Loki Renard – Free eBooks Download


First, my father is killed in front of me.
Then a stranger walks in and marries me.

I am not given a choice.
I am taken by Angelo Vitali.
I am made his bride.
And I am taken from my ancestral home to his.

But the house of Vitali is not empty.
Angelo has two lovers already.
Mark is an exiled FBI agent battling a host of demons.
Bobby is a dangerous psychopath who wants me dead.
They both love Angelo as much as they hate him.

I am caught in the middle of an intense love triangle in which each of these men has his own use for me. In their eyes I become a virgin bride to be defiled, a pawn to be sacrificed, a hostage to be taken, a toy to be broken…

There’s three of them.
And just one of me.

How am I going to survive?

Broken Bride features characters from previous MM books which can be found in the Broke and Bound Box Set. It contains both M/F and M/M interactions.

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