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broken bad boy, claire angel

Broken Bad Boy (Ruthless Bad Boys #1) by Claire Angel – Free eBooks Download


Office Romances are strictly forbidden in their law firm. Which is fine, Emma dislikes Clifton and everything he stands for, but his gaze makes her body hum to life… Clifton would love to get closer to Emma, and the fire in her eyes leaves him wanting more.

She’s beautiful, but after having my heart broken in the worst possible way, I’m making bad decisions.
Bad decisions that push her away even as I want to pull her closer.
But it’s better this way; after all, my dad sees her as the child he wished he had.
When she shows up at my door to yell at me.
I’m stunned, but let her talk.
She leaves furious.
And I had to call my dad and tell him not to sick her on me like a guard dog.
But he has bad news for me.
If I don’t do what he wants, he’s going to have me locked up.
So I make a deal with the devil to work for him… alongside Emma.

Clifton is everything I despise – he’s reckless, arrogant, and spoiled.
He always gets into trouble, and his dad—my boss—is always bailing him out – not this time.
When Clifton winds up behind bars, his dad sends me.
But defending him might be too much for even my skills as a lawyer.
I can’t stand his sullen attitude. And I can’t stand how he hurts his dad.
But when his dad fires me – he saves my job.
He’s a bad boy, but he also makes sure I eat, that I have backup on every case I look at, that I have someone to lean on.
I’m seeing a new side of him; a side he keeps hidden.
I can’t deny the fact that he is extremely gorgeous and hot.
He makes me tremble when he looks at me.
His intense gaze is enough to make me weak on my knees.
I’m supposed to hate him… but I think I’m falling for him instead.
This can’t be happening.
No matter how much I am attracted to his rugged body, I can’t risk my job. I have to stay way especially when he is my boss’s son.

They work together, each realizing the other is exactly what they want. But his dad is her boss. And workplace relationships are forbidden…

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