Bride of Monsters by Amber Ella Monroe (ePUB)

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Bride of Monsters (Shadow World #2) by Amber Ella Monroe – Free eBooks Download


I’ll become bride of monsters but the happy ending I desire will come at a spell-binding cost.
My monsters–Altair, Morpheus, and Dominik–have vanished, taken by some evil magic I know will require a great sacrifice to unravel. But I’m prepared to do anything.
My sister is still missing. Even worse, I think she’s tied up in my cruel fate in some way. The coven hates me for what I took away from them, and some unknown entity has a target on my back.
I thought the most challenging obstacle would be figuring out how to break my betrothal to a spiteful shifter prince so I could live happily with my three beastly kings in shadow world, but nope…
Without my demon kings by my side, I’ll have to make hard and fast decisions. Trusting isn’t easy because even the most innocent souls become devils.
In the wise words of Dominik…in order to transform, sometimes you must break first.
Raising hell was easy. Facing the outcome…is a pain in the ass.

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