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briar, brooke may

Briar (Rogue Enforcers Novella) by Brooke May – Free eBooks Download


Briar Reynolds has something to prove. Many call it a massive chip on her petite shoulders. She doesn’t care. With her siblings by her side, Briar will prove them all wrong about a cottontail shifter being an enforcer. Her resolve is tested when her sister is taken and she not only has to fight to get her back but struggle with the insane attraction to the big man who’s her mate and the one that can lead them right to her sister.
Knox Grayson wants nothing more than to follow in his father’s paw prints to become an enforcer. With an incredible talent, he thought he had it in the bag. But he was wrong and now he’s isolated himself, only venturing out to get into a fight or helping where he can. It all changes when his mate comes out of nowhere and reluctantly needs his help. His grizzly is all too eager to go toe-to-toe with the feisty little woman.
Can they get to Blakely in time? And what sinister plot are they about to stumble into?

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