Bred By the Enemy by Jessa Joy (ePUB)

bred by enemy, jessa joy

Bred by the Enemy by Jessa Joy – Free eBooks Download


He’s my enemy. But this notorious bad boy is determined I’m going to have his baby. An instalove, MC Lite romance featuring a curvy girl and the MC president who falls hard for her…

He’s my brother’s sworn enemy.
The biggest, baddest MC Prez of them all.
He doesn’t care about anyone or anything.
But he’s got me in his sights and nothing will stop him.
He says he wants me to have his baby.
And I don’t know if I can resist him much longer…

Loyalty to my brothers is everything.
I’ve had to live life the hard way since I was young.
But now my world’s been torn apart.
Kaia’s the sister of the guy who wants to see me burn in hell.
I’m obsessed from the first moment I see her.
I want her ripe with my child, the sooner the better.

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