Bred by the Alien Prince by Morrigan Black (ePUB)

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Bred by the Alien Prince by Morrigan Black – Free eBooks Download


A stowaway. An alien prince. Everything gone wrong. They never expected to steal each other’s hearts.

So there I was, just a regular guy trying to sneak onto a spaceship headed for a new alien colony, when BAM! My life took one hell of a turn. Next thing I know, I’m getting all cozy with this tall, blond, and brutally handsome alien warrior. But hey, when an intergalactic stud like that comes knocking, who am I to say no?
But I had no idea what he had in store for me.

Royal heir and scion of a mighty race of warriors who have conquered worlds with our mere presence. When I first laid eyes on the alluring human named Caspian, I knew he would be mine to claim and mark as I pleased. His spirit burned bright, fiery enough to defy even one as regal as I. But such defiance is what made him the ultimate prize to possess.
Though his naive kind scarcely comprehended the honor I would bestow upon him, the greatest gift of my superior noble bloodline implanted within his supple flesh.
Bred by the Alien Prince is a hot M/M romance full of action and adventure across sprawling alien worlds. Featuring a hot-headed stowaway desperate to find his place in the galaxy and an arrogant alien prince ready to do what he does best. Conquer and breed.

Contains Mpreg and a HEA.

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