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Breathless by Cat Wynn – Free eBooks Download


Former model and current recluse Jules Lowe would prefer to spend the rest of her life locked inside her apartment doing nothing more than fixating on her empty fish tank and chatting away on a local aquarium forum. But when her online crush sends her an inadvertently suspicious picture, Jules’ curiosity gets the best of her. Who or what is Mack Vasser?
Even Jules’ fear of the outside world can’t stop her from exploring further. And while venturing out to track down Mack is scary enough, discovering he’s part-fish, part-man is a shock of a lifetime. Even more shocking is Jules’ confusing attraction to him which has her leaving her apartment again and again.
Unfortunately for Jules, she isn’t the only person who’s aware that creatures like Mack exist. And now that she’s gotten herself involved, she’s risking not only her feelings, but both their safety, in a world where nobody seems to know who the real monsters are.

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