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Breaking the Ice (The Seattle Omegas #2) by Calliope Stewart – Free eBooks Download


From the author who brought you The San Francisco Omegas series comes a new series: The Seattle Omegas.

Aurelia Peterson has always been the rock of her family. Daughter, cousin, sister, mom. She used to be a wife too, but that ended violently, leaving Aurelia with mobility issues and trauma that haunts her dreams.
All Aurelia wants is to raise her son, Tobey. She is not looking for love, especially when she made the wrong choice the first time around. Unfortunately, Pack Stone didn’t get that memo.
Physical therapy sessions aren’t nearly as grueling now that Pack Stone has barreled into her life and Aurelia starts to wonder if all those romances that she’s read aren’t so impossible for her after all.
Colt, Christa, Hideo, and Wilder are living a life that others could only dream of. After the success of his private security business, Colt wants to dedicate his time to supporting athletes on their way to greatness—as long as it doesn’t get in the way of raising his son.
It’s not long before Colt’s packmate, Wilder, starts to grow closer to the pretty omega with sad eyes during her physical therapy appointments. Pack Stone has always been too busy for an omega, especially one so resistant to romance.
As they become more entangled with Aurelia and her sweet little boy, Pack Stone must face monsters from Aurelia’s past for any hope of a future together.

Breaking the Ice is a MMFFM why choose romance featuring MM, FF, and MF situations. This story is not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Please check the full list of triggers before reading.
This is the 2nd story in The Seattle Omegas universe and will feature speed skating and the administrative aspects that take place behind the scenes. While this is technically a stand-alone, you may want to read On Thin Ice to understand some other character mentions and plot points.

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