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She was near the culmination of her servitude when he ruined everything.

Maevelin Roan was born a slave, but that never hindered her desire for liberation–it only amplified it. She spent years trying to earn enough credits to purchase her freedom, but one look at Teakin–one kind gesture–had her throwing it all away.

Sole survivor of his species, the once proud captain, Teakin Kade finds himself in a cage as he waits for his life to be auctioned away… but his future enslavement is forever altered when he sees an enchanting human in need of assistance. Teak intervenes without hesitation, saving her from an enraged alien hell bent on slaughtering her, only to have her save his life in return.

An instant magnetic attraction pulls the two together, even as their circumstances threaten to tear them apart. Maeve is overwhelmed by emotions as she struggles to understand why she gave up her freedom for a stranger, while Teak tries desperately to win her affections.

He vows to earn enough credits to buy her freedom… but he wants to own her body.

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