Breaker’s Vow by Elizabeth Knox (ePUB)

breaker's vow, elizabeth knox

Breaker’s Vow (Satan’s Raiders MC #5) by Elizabeth Knox – Free eBooks Download


I vowed to never love another woman ever again. I broke my vow for her.
My ex-girlfriend, Celia, betrayed me in the worst way possible. She not only put my club at risk, but everyone in it, and anyone affiliated with it. People lost their lives because of the information she was feeding to the Guatemalan crew her family was loyal to. And when I found out what she did, I lost it. I k***ed the only woman who ever made it past the brick walls surrounding my heart.
That screws with a man’s head. It made me doubt everything about myself, and who I could trust—specifically, women.
I told myself I’d never fall in love again. Sure, I’d use women for a good time, but I’d never grow attached to one again. Then, Kara walked into my life. She captivated me from the first moment I laid my eyes on her. And when trouble began to swarm around her, I had to step in.
She’s worth me breaking my vow. Or at least I hope so. Because I can’t imagine my life without her by my side.

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