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Breakaway Baby by Rebecca Zorg – Free eBooks Download


Leila Shah had her life all planned—until one reckless night changed everything.

Notorious bachelor and captain of the Vancouver Vanguards, Ragnar Colton, has one rule: never mix ice and spice. That changes the night he’s set to face off against his backstabbing ex-teammate and spots Leila Shah wearing his jersey, unable to take his eyes off her.
Leila’s world, usually confined to her work and the solace of painting, expands unpredictably when her best friend drags her to the game, and she catches her NHL crush wink at her. Spurred by a dare, Leila finds herself in Ragnar’s arms after their intimate date, forcing her to confront the defenses she built after past heartbreak. But just as Leila dares to let her guard down, events unfold that prey upon her insecurities. Humiliated, she flees, vowing to put the night—and Ragnar—behind her. Yet, six weeks later, a positive pregnancy test disrupts her plans to forget him.
Despite Ragnar’s vow of support, a series of cryptic warnings cast a shadow over his intentions, suggesting he may not be the man he presents himself to be. With threats escalating, Leila must navigate a maze of deceit and heartbreak where every choice carries a consequence, and the path to resolution is fraught with betrayal.

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