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break me beautifully, nora flite

Break Me Beautifully by Nora Flite – Free eBooks Download


I met the devil while lying in a garden of roses.
I didn’t know who he was. But he seemed to know me.
Black eyes, cruelly beautiful lips, a tailored suit sharp enough to cut glass.
Marshall Klintock– the man who would steal me away from my rich father’s estate.
He tempted me with freedom, swore he could help me find my way as a budding artist in New York City.
It was a lie.
Marshall’s not some normal art curator. He’s a member of a dangerous mafia family who’s using me for something terrible.
His hands could spill blood. Probably already have.
But when he gets me alone, his hot breath on my innocent skin, I forget all of that.
I’m not prepared to control myself around someone with such a commanding aura. Is this fear, passion, love? All of it?
I know devils can’t be trusted, but I beg him to make me one promise.
If he breaks me…
Please do it beautifully.

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