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brave, cora brent

Brave (Wicked West Rejects #2) by Cora Brent – Free eBooks Download


Micah Lyonne is the worst man I know.
As children, we were constantly thrown together by our powerful parents.
And we always despised each other.
He was supposed to be the heir to a billion dollar empire.
Instead, he lives in the shadows and chooses a life filled with violence.
Meanwhile, I’m the mayor’s ambitious daughter with a long list of responsibilities.
Micah sneers at everything I stand for.
And I know better than to dance with danger.
But when the inked, volatile Micah comes to my rescue one night, I’m forced to trust him.
It’s a night when I let my guard down.
It’s a night when I reach for him in a way that will change me forever.
It’s a night when I understand what it means to crave a man who is the opposite of the safe future I assumed I wanted.
The two of us make no sense together.
We won’t let that stop us.
He’s all I want and he’s decided that I’m his.
Together, we turn all the rules upside down and set the world afire.
Until someone decides to make us pay…

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