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brandon, charissa gracyk

Brandon (All Guts, No Glory #1) by Charissa Gracyk – Free eBooks Download


Once a warrior, always a warrior.

Brandon Ward is on the verge of turning fifty and spends his days and nights dreaming he’s back in the fight. He misses his Special Forces career, and running a bar in the middle of nowhere isn’t cutting it. Feeling useless, like he’s lost his purpose, Brand and his ragtag group of former military friends struggle to accept their Glory Days are over.
Julia Evans is a jaded artist who’s given up on love and believes she’s destined to die alone. When she suspects her father is being held captive by a powerful drug cartel, she turns to Brandon for help. Even though they’ve never met, she hopes to convince the former Delta Force operator to join her on a dangerous rescue mission. Julia may be ready to dodge bullets and face hostile enemies, but facing the undeniable chemistry that sparks between her and Brand? Nothing scares her more.
After meeting Julia, Brand can understand why his old mentor never introduced them. After all, Brand is a self-proclaimed bachelor who doesn’t believe in serious relationships…hardly the type of guy a father wants his daughter to get involved with. But Julia is making Brand reconsider his old beliefs.
Accepting the mission, Brand and his battle-hardened motley crew form a new team and don’t hesitate to dive back into the action and danger. With a new purpose, they head straight into the belly of the beast, ready to do what they were born to do—kick some ass. Because that’s what they do best. It’s all they know, and these washed-up silver foxes have nothing left to lose.

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