Bragg’s Match by D.E. Haggerty (ePUB)

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Bragg’s Match (The Bragg Brothers #4) by D.E. Haggerty – Free eBooks Download


I am NOT a child. I’ll show Soleil I’m a man. A man who can take care of her. Just as soon as I put out the flames from the bed I set on fire.

When Brody Bragg shows up at my doorstep with those baby blue eyes begging me for a place to stay, I can’t resist.
But he’s my roommate. Nothing more. He can strut his six-pack abs up and down the hallway as much as he wants. I’m not giving in. Not even when we end up sharing a bed after he sets his on fire.
I may accidentally cuddle into his strong arms in my sleep, but that’s where the touching ends. Brody is way too young and immature for me. I want a man to take care of me. Not a man-child I have to take care of.
Brody thinks he can change my mind. He’s going to ‘show me’ I’m wrong.

Spoiler alert – Scaring me by blaring loud music causing me to drop the pottery I’m designing is not the way to ‘show me’ anything.

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