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Brad (Perry’s Nest #5) by Kathi S. Barton – Free eBooks Download


Brad Kirk came from old money, very old money, as he was an immortal. He was gifted immortality and a great deal of magic by a bear group centuries ago. He was a recluse and didn’t like people much, but he was a very shrewd businessman and had more money than he could spend in several lifetimes.
Becka Dillard had raised her nephew, Toby, since he was an infant. He was too young when his parents died to remember them. Now sixteen, Becka was the only mother he knew, and he loved her dearly. She was a trucker. They lived on the road. They never had much in the way of money, but she had plenty of love to share even though she didn’t care much for people in general.
They were early for her next delivery and, thankfully, had time for a hot, sit-down meal…or so she thought anyway. Some idiot wouldn’t leave her alone, accusing her of being the wife of some man named Kirk, and he had a bone to pick with him. Some days, it didn’t pay to get out of bed….

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