Bounty Hunter’s Dilemma by Gabriella Reign (ePUB)

bounty hunter's dilemma, gabriella reign

Bounty Hunter’s Dilemma by Gabriella Reign – Free eBooks Download


I hunt fugitives for a living.
But nothing could prepare me for my biggest challenge, Amber, my new assistant.

From the first day, she stands up to me in a way no one ever has.
As a single dad, I’ve not been looking for love since my Son was born.
But she is starting to catch my eye.
We chase down bounties, which entangle our lives in ways I never expected.
When my son is kidnapped, she is dragged into the crisis,
and I’m starting to see her in a new light.
I’m realizing she’s not just an assistant – but the missing piece I never knew I needed.
As the hunt intensifies, so does our chemistry.
In the shadows, secrets emerge, and I must protect them or lose everything.
I break laws, face enemies, and risk it all for my family.

The game is risky, and the stakes are high.
But love is the ultimate dilemma.

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