Bound to the Dark by Alexa H. Michaels (ePUB)

bound to dark, alexa michaels

Bound to the Dark (Monsters In Moonlight #2) by Alexa H. Michaels – Free eBooks Download


A desperate sister. A ravenous monster. A deal that could consume them both.

As a psychic, my intuition lead me into the dark, where I found a monster. In the supernatural underworld, this being is considered unnatural—the result of magic gone wrong. He’s unhinged and vicious, delighting in carnage, thriving in the absence of light, and his existence is sustained by flesh and blood. Death follows in his wake for he wields an ironclad control over the darkness.
And I struck a bargain with him to use my body as a daylight vessel so he could complete his quest.
Of course, I do get something out of it! He told me the evil we hunt might have my sister. I believed him. Together, we scour the supernatural underworld of New Orleans, looking for all the lost magical girls. As time progresses, and we moved in on the targets, things get…complicated. In the heart of the darkness, I find a protector, a friend, a lover.
I invite the monster to come out and play. His insatiable desire for my flesh, once unleashed, can’t be tamed. Now…I just hope I don’t come to regret it.
Because the only question that remains is: can I trust a monster?

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