Bound By Her Mafia Bosses by K.L. Ramsey (ePUB)

bound mafia bones, kl ramsey

Bound by Her Mafia Bosses (The Bound #1) by K.L. Ramsey – Free eBooks Download


Jules Leone wasn’t about to play the victim again. She had already done that, and Bruno Gallo had saved her once. The question was—was he there to save her again, or was he there to protect the family he loved so much?
Bruno “Lucky” Gallo wasn’t a man who lived by the rules. He protected the people he loved, and God help him, he was in love with Jules Leone—not that she made that an easy task. When he found out that his beloved Gallo family was going to induct his teen brother into the business, he had to do something. Giving up Jules might be the only way to save his little brother, but that’s what he had promised his parents on their deathbeds. He couldn’t lose them both, but if he didn’t come up with a plan fast, he just might.
Zan Santoro had broken free from the mafia family that held him so long ago, but he kept getting pulled back in. He had worked his way up to a detective after ditching the mafia life and going clean, but for some reason, he never could break free. Now, he was going to have to figure out how to help his friend not only save the woman that they had both fallen in love with, but also his kid brother. Letting another boy fall into the mafia system wasn’t going to happen on his watch—not if he could help it.

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