Bound By Daddy’s 4 Dirty Friends by Barbi Cox (ePUB)

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Bound By Daddy’s 4 Dirty Friends (Their Temptation #11) by Barbi Cox – Free eBooks Download


Your favorite sizzling group is back in the latest Bound by Daddy’s 4 Dirty Friends! Follow the lives of Sophia, Roman, Gunner, Nick, Holden, and their kids as they navigate parenthood and unconventional family dynamics. When Emma’s teacher calls them in for a behavior issue, the group must defend their unique family structure against skepticism and confront the teacher’s bias. Tensions rise as a flirtatious professor catches Sophia’s eye, causing hurt feelings among her devoted husbands. Watch as they confront the situation head-on, heading to her school and displaying their sizzling chemistry in front of the professor, leaving no doubt that Sophia is taken. Through it all, Sophia and her four husbands stand strong, united in love and commitment to their children. With humor, passion, and drama, Bound by Daddy’s 4 Dirty Friends offers a tantalizing glimpse into their complex world. Join Sophia, Roman, Gunner, Holden, and Nick as they continue to explore the boundaries of love and desire in this addictive read.

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