Bossing Up My Bodyguard by L.A. Pepper (ePUB)

bossing up, la pepper

Bossing Up My Bodyguard (Haven Isle #4) by L.A. Pepper – Free eBooks Download


Joaquin Allen. Why did he have to be so business-like all the time? It wasn’t fair, that that beautiful man with that gorgeous camel brown skin and those deep velvety chocolate-covered eyes was such a grumpy stick in the mud.
He never had fun, and he never smiled. The few times I caught him smiling it took my breath away. The power in his smile did something to me that I can’t explain.
He would never smile at me of course, I was his job. I was the body he guarded because my overprotective brothers thought I was too much of a princess “ too immature” to take care of myself.
I confide to him that I know who killed my father. I beg him to take me to Miami to meet a contact and expose Catherine Lockhart.
He forbids me to go.
Screw that. Why does my bodyguard think he’s the boss of me?
I could definitely go by myself, I was really that stubborn.

Will my bodyguard protect me on this adventure or move on to the next job?

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