Born Upon a Curse by M Dane (ePUB)

born upon curse, m dane

Born Upon a Curse: The Darkness Within (The Cost of Magic #1) by M Dane – Free eBooks Download


Alina Rose’s fiercest battle isn’t with her promiscuous alter ego, Machina, but against the darkness within herself—a darkness that’s about to spill over into the real world.

When Alina hits the local club to shake off her Taco Bell shift—a job she classifies as legalized torture—the last thing she expects is her life to flip from fryers to fireballs. But when a handsome stranger reveals she’s not an ordinary nineteen-year-old, but a demon, everything she thought she knew about herself is turned on its head. She lacks the clichéd horns and tail, but her powers can bring any man to his knees.
After an elemental battle to secure her passage, Alina steps into Astaroth Academy, a prestigious school for demons. Cradled in a mountainous region, the academy boasts grand chateaux and vast, party-filled gardens. Here, Alina seeks a way to permanently silence Machina once and for all.
But a brazen other self isn’t her only concern. Aran May, the brooding captain of the Flag Fall team, is as appealing as he is untouchable. As their forbidden desire intensifies, Alina uncovers a sinister plot that threatens not only her stay at the academy, but her very life. The stakes are higher than ever, and in a world where lies are the norm, trust is the ultimate gamble. Making peace with Machina isn’t just an option—it’s everything.

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