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born to rule, kacie ross

Born To Rule by Kacie Ross – Free eBooks Download


The once necessary alliance between humans and druids lies in tatters under the rule of an immortal tyrant, born from light but steeped in cruelty.

After nine centuries of serving under this vile ruler, my hope is but a flicker. I’ve clung to the promise of a revolution—a revolution that’s finally come, in the form of a fierce and cunning young woman. A bounty hunter named Mira, whose destiny proves entwined with the fate of the realm’s missing god.
Mira grapples with the veracity of her calling, questioning the wisdom of the gods and the folly of mortals alike. But in a realm where treachery lurks at every turn, she must decide where her allegiance lies.
Though her initial motives may not align with our cause, she possesses abilities capable of tipping the scales in our favor. But with power comes sacrifice, and as she grows in strength, the drums of war grow louder.

I just hope she decides before it’s too late.

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