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Born to Ride (Beards and Leather #3) by Nicole Fox – Free eBooks Download


I was born to ride her ‘til she breaks.

She was never meant for a man like me.
But a vicious blizzard drove her into my arms.
So I did the only thing I know how to do:
I bent her over my chopper and made her MINE.


There’s no feeling quite like walking in the door of your home and seeing your fiancé getting hot and heavy with a strange woman in your bed.
It’s rage and sadness and embarrassment all mixed up in one nasty cocktail.
And coincidentally, a cocktail is exactly what I needed after I caught that lousy S.O.B. cheating.

After that stiff drink (and maybe a couple more), I had to decide what I’d do next.
Maybe a few days at home with my family would do my soul some good.

I pack up my things and hit the road, but it doesn’t take long before my luck gets even worse.
A nasty blizzard drives me off the highway.
Now, I’m stranded, freezing, and alone…

Except for the dying man in the ditch.

I almost screamed when I saw him.
A brawny, tatted beast lying half-naked in the snow.
I don’t know whether to help him out or run screaming for the hills.

But my conscience won’t let me leave him there.
So I bundle him into my car and go searching for somewhere to stay while the storm blows over.

We find an abandoned cabin…
The beast wakes up…

And that’s where my troubles truly began.


I woke up freezing and on the verge of death.
My memory is a painful blank.
But I know one thing: whoever did this to me is going to pay the price.

I’m not sure who it was or how I ended up here.
But I’m glad the girl picked me up.
I might be dead if not for her.

Time to show my appreciation… the way only an outlaw biker knows how.

She takes us to an isolated shack, and then we started drinking.
The first whiskey warms us up.
The second gets us talking.
The third strips her naked.

Making her mine is savage and sweaty.
But what she doesn’t know is that the men who put me in that ditch are coming to finish the job.
If she wants to survive this ride on the wild side, she’ll have to follow my commands.

Get on your knees.
And get ready to open wide.

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