Born of Mist and Dragonfire by Ava Thorne (ePUB)

born mist dragonfire, ava thorne

Born of Mist and Dragonfire (Songs of Adimos #1) by Ava Thorne – Free eBooks Download


The Old Gods are dead, and it seems magic along with them. Princess Tori has grown up during the longest peace in recorded history, but still she is at war. A war she fights everyday against the expectations held for a fae princess, in a land where it’s easier to see her as the reckless spare to the throne than the powerful creature she is.

As Tori grapples with her own shadows and the weight of her responsibilities, her world is shattered by an invasion that thrusts her into the iron grip of Abraxas, the Dragon King — a man known for his ruthless discipline and unyielding power.
Amid the turmoil, Tori delves deeper into the world’s mysteries and uncovers fragments of Abraxas’ hidden past, and a complex portrait of the Dragon King begins to emerge. Beneath his formidable exterior lies a man burdened by duty, haunted by his own demons, and driven by the very forces that govern their realm. Tori’s unbreakable spirit captivates Abraxas, drawing them into an unexpected dance of fate and desire.

As they navigate a treacherous landscape of political intrigue and ancient prophecies, Tori unearths a startling revelation: the embers of magic still linger within their world, and the legendary creatures of myth are not as extinct as was once believed. United by a common purpose, Tori and Abraxas forge an uneasy alliance, their destinies entwined amidst the resurgence of magical forces.

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