Boone & Charly: Second Chance Love by Mallory Monroe (ePUB)

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Boone & Charly: Second Chance Love by Mallory Monroe – Free eBooks Download


Bad boy and tortured police chief Robert “Boone” Ryan isn’t thinking about love. All he wants to do is keep his town clean and keep his love life uncomplicated. Already in his forties, he’s still partying like a frat boy and sleeping around with the kind of women he knows would never fall in love with a rascal like him.
And then Charly comes to town.
Charlene “Charly” Johnson isn’t looking for love either. After a disastrous marriage that cost her everything, including what was once a very promising career, she is shocked to learn that a small private school in Kentucky is interested in hiring her as their new dean of students. Once in town, she discovers that the school was forced to diversify their staff by hiring her as their first African-American faculty member, and nobody on the board of directors favors her selection. She also discovers, on her very first day, that there’s a dead body on campus.
And then she meets Boone Ryan.
They team up to find out why a woman died on campus. And when Charly’s past threatens to take her out, too, she turns to Boone, the only man she feels she can trust. And together two unlikely, broken people realize that the very thing neither one of them was looking for just might be the very thing that they need.

Boone and Charly: Second Chance Love is their first book in the Rags to Romance Interracial Romantic Suspense Thriller series.

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