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Note to self: Don’t Drink and Antique!

That’s how you wake up hungover, having spent your entire life savings on a first edition of Pride and Prejudice… that your cat just peed all over.
To make matters worse, you also drunkenly emailed every Ivy League university last night and sold the nearly priceless cat-pee book to Dartmouth.
In my defense, I was celebrating finally getting my masters degree in library science with a focus in book restoration from Oxford University.
And let’s be honest, I’m sort of awesome when drunk. I not only leveraged a book sale for a profit, but I also talked my way into an eight-week freelance gig restoring books in my hometown of New Hampshire at the Dartmouth library.
What’s less awesome? Realizing the Dartmouth English Literary professor who hired me is actually Adam, the ex-boyfriend that I ran away from seven years ago. My first love. My first kiss. My first… everything.
And as it turns out, Adam has very much turned into every dreamy hero I’ve read about in every romance novel through the years. It might be time for me to put the book down and write my own Happily Ever After…

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