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Booked Solid (Sweetville, Season Two #8) by Haven Rose – Free eBooks Download


Owning a bookstore with my twin brother means I’m quite familiar with meet-cutes. I love reading about them, though I’ve never had my own. A fact that’s no longer true when I’m told I’m on the no fly list, which is a mistake, of course, yet there are hoops I need to jump through before it can get rectified. That means my trip home is delayed while an alternative is figured out. Which comes in the form of Wyatt King and his gracious offer to drive me there instead. I know I shouldn’t accept since I don’t know him. Except it feels like I do.

I’m officially discharged, which was my choice, but now I’m not sure what to do next. Other than flying to Sweetville to retrieve my bike from my buddy’s house. A reunion nothing will derail as I’ve missed roaring down the open road. Until I overhear Ashton Ogden being told she can’t get on the plane, any of them actually, and witness her sadness. Without hesitation, I provide a solution, that being me playing the role of her chauffeur. Before our trip is over, I intend to be much more than that.

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