Bonded to the Cyborg Beast by Corin Cain (ePUB)

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Bonded to the Cyborg Beast (Cyborg Mates #1) by Corin Cain – Free eBooks Download


Over-Protective. Ultra-Possessive. Totally in control.
Thea: I designed him to make grown men feel small and pathetic. To me… he’s a titan.
6’8. 700 pounds of flesh and steel. A killing machine with the strength of twenty men. He’s the only man who could stand up to a triad of Rogue Aurelians. I designed him with one purpose. To protect the weak and helpless from the coming storm. He’s the first of his kind, a flawed prototype too beastly to live. I spill my secrets to his unknowing ears, knowing he will never come alive.
He will never link to his ward.

Auger: My eyes have never opened.
The only sound is her voice. Thea is brilliant. A genius, but compared to me, she’s weak and helpless. She doesn’t know the danger she’s in.
Every time she touches me I latch onto her being. I feel her inside my spine.
She belongs to me.
I will find her. I will protect her.
She will learn that she is mine.

Bonded to the Cyborg Beast is a re-work of the novella Auger to match the alien fated mates themes of the Aurelian Empire. It has been expanded 20% and features an overly protective, possessive alien cyborg!

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