Body Checked & Pucked by London Casey (ePUB)

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Body Checked & Pucked (Puckford Pirates #4) by London Casey – Free eBooks Download


Am I really going to potentially mess up my entire life for some college hockey player?

* * *

The short answer? Yes.
The long answer? Keep reading.
I never intend for it to happen.
To catch feelings for someone like Jax.
(Especially considering I was still sort of with someone else…)

I don’t know what to say.
Jax kind of just keeps appearing.
When I need someone? He’s there.
When I find myself in possible danger? He’s there.
When I want to go to some cheesy horror movie and my now ex would rather drink with his friends?
Jax shows up.
It’s not that simple though.
My ex has a dark secret.
A dangerous secret.
I should have just kept pushing Jax away.
It would have been better for all of us.
Safer too.

This is more than just finding the right guy at the wrong time.
This is more like everything going wrong… and my heart is far from being in the right place.

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