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blood sport, chloe higgins

Blood Sport (Blood Lover Duet #1) by Chloe Higgins – Free eBooks Download


He’s a vampire, and her brother’s best friend. What could go wrong?

From a young age, all Evie has known is that her brother is her only family. After their parents were murdered at a young age by an unknown perpetrator, her brother, Miles, has protected her from the world, sheltering her from as much evil as possible. But the one thing he couldn’t shelter her from was his best friend, Jaylen Black.
Evie has had a crush on Jaylen since they were kids, but growing up, she realized that maybe she should steer clear of him and his playboy ways, not wanting to have her heart broken by him. But this doesn’t stop her from finding him attractive, and irresistible. Jaylen being on the college soccer team with her brother means he’s always around, making it hard for Evie to stay away—until one night when everything changes and Evie’s world is tipped upside down.
She thought she knew everything about Jaylen, but there was one thing she had yet to find out—he was a vampire.
As Evie fights to keep her head above water with the weight of her overprotective brother bearing down on her shoulders, she learns more about the murders happening in Pullman and if they are in any way connected to the murder of her parents. Along the way, she finds herself gradually being pulled closer to Jaylen, no matter how much she tries to pull away.

Throughout this wild rollercoaster, Evie learns more about herself than she could have ever imagined. She learns that no matter how hard she tries to fight the attraction between her and Jaylen, she will always be…his girl.

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