Blood Curse by Morrigan Black (ePUB)

blood cursed, morrigan black

Blood Curse (Blood Bound #1) by Morrigan Black – Free eBooks Download


When an isolated Fae Mystic discovers his fated mate has a blood fetish, burns in the sun…and could be the bloodsucking enemy of his kind…

I tried to tap into the power of the Gods.
But only managed to tap into evil itself.
Which makes me an outcast to all Fae except to my overprotective brother.
What do you do when your power comes straight from evil itself?
Lay low and don’t draw the attention of the Monster Hunter’s guild.
I planned to do that until my brother goes missing, just as an ancient vampire elder is hell-bent on kick-starting the apocalypse.
Now I gotta tap into evil to duke it out against evil.
It all seemed simple in theory: Stop the apocalypse and find my brother.
If only Varick, the sexy, hotheaded, self-proclaimed fated mate, living in my head rent-free, hadn’t shown up in the flesh vowing to protect me. I want to trust that this is nothing but a coincidence. After all, my list of allies is getting thinner by the second.

And he may not be all he’s claiming to be, maybe it’s the sharp fangs, his aversion to sunlight…and the way he keeps sniffing my neck.

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