Blissful Billionaire by Angela Blake (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Blissful Billionaire by Angela Blake – Free eBooks Download


Tonight I’m broke, unemployed and drinking my cares away. Until I’m introduced to him. Now there’s only one thing to do.

It was a private party, in some rich guy’s house, but her friends knew a guy that knew the guy so they were able to get invitations. She didn’t really care. All she wanted was a chance to drink, dance and forget about work for a while. She’d been laid off.
She needed a job, any job.
The owner of tonight’s mansion was as hot and doable as anyone she’s ever seen. How could she have a chance to find work when that’s staring her in the face?
She’d have to do something about it. And she couldn’t wait to sink her teeth in.

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